Social Responsibilities

We actively participate in charity work, including education sponsorships, poverty support programs, elderly funds, and women and children development funds.

information disclosure

Donation of CNY 100,000 to the fixed-point poverty alleviation in Ningxia

Donation of CNY 200,000 to provide support for the families of Xiamen's medical team doing relief work in Hubei

Donation of CNY 1 million to support Tong'an District's fight against coronavirus disease

Donation of“Health Express Buses for Mothers”in Ningxia

Xiashun, together with Tetra Pak, provided milk to the affected school children in Indonesia

Donation for building of Yongfu Qiaoxin Primary School in Qinghai

Donation of Chen Yinghe Swimming Pool to Quanzhou Campus of Huaqiao University

Donation of 10 million Hongkong dollar to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School of Fujian

Donation of Wang Qingming Swimming Pool to Xiamen University